How to Avoid Foundation Problems in Expansive Clay Soil?

Unluckily, it can be hard to predict the movement and behavior of soil. Though builders and contractors will like soil to be stable and predictable, the truth is that soil can contract and expand greatly. This depends on its clay content. For instance, soil with high clay content has a tendency to expand more with higher moisture content.  

Today, we are going to share with you some tips on how to prevent foundation issues in expansive clay soil environments, aside from hiring a foundation repair Plano company. 

Root Riots 

During drought, shrub and tree roots can complete with the soil for water. This causes your foundation to sink and settle unevenly. Whenever this occurs, doors and windows will stick in their frames and drywall can crack.  

That is why you should plant deep-rooted shrubs and trees away from your home to avoid a war for water. the tree is already too close if the branches touch your house.  

Grading Gaffes 

Bad excavation of soil can lead water toward your home’s base and through foundation walls. You’ve got to ensure your lawn is graded at least 7 inches so that the soil will slope away from your home. 

You can utilize a level to check the slope of your property. You can place one end where the soil meets the foundation wall and level the tool. Measure the area from the level’s end to the ground. Multiply the results by 5 if you utilize a 2-foot level. For instance, you measure a 2-inch gap. If you multiply it by 5, you’ll get 5 feet. This means you will have a slope of around 10 inches. This is great. You have to create a slope if there is no gap. 

Opt for a Sloped Landscape 

Though exposure to water is definitely not avoidable, having water settle around your house can definitely be avoided. For instance, you have to design the landscape such that the soil slows down away from your house. This can help lead water away from the foundation of your house. Because of this, less water will soak into the clay-rich soil. This results in less expansion and a more stable soil environment under your property. 

Install the Right Drainage System 

Soil can place a lot of pressure on the foundation of your house if it expands. This is particularly true if it is clay soil. The walls of the foundation can bend inwards over time. It can also crack on several occasions. Cracks leave your foundation very prone to water damage. Keeping water away from the foundation of your house is one way to avoid this from happening. You can do this if you install the right drainage system. You can basically lower the amount of water in the soil around your property if you direct rainwater from the roof away from your house through a gutter system.  

If you do not have a gutter system installed, it’s best to hire a professional to have it installed. Else, you’ll have to deal with foundation issues later on.